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8 Reasons to Say Hello to Kolkata This Holiday Season

An exceptionally important melting point of history, art, and culture in India, Kolkata – the West Bengal capital everyone love to visit at some point in their life. 
Looking for some motivation to get on with your trip? Here are a few best reasons why you should say hello to Kolkata this holiday season:
1. Dynamic Market Hub –


Kolkata is the home to some of the most vibrant and historic markets in India. Starting from the largest Asian flower markets at Mallik Ghat to one of the largest used book markets at College Street, the bustling city of Kolkata will delight everyone for sure. 
In addition to, Kolkata has welcomed newly-upgraded Floating market to appeal its travel enthusiasts, locals, and everyone. 
2. Chinatown –
Kolkata stands as an abode to India’s only remaining Chinatown – a safe keeper of the country’s waning Chinese immigrant population and culture. In fact, the Terreti Bazaar or the Old Chinatown is one of the richest cultural offerings and is well-worth for visiting as you’ll enjoy tasty street food, visit historic temples, street-side stalls, and more. 
3. Unique Architectural Splendors –
From ever-busy crowded Howrah Bridge to the beautiful colonial-era Victoria Memorial, the unique architectural splendor of Kolkata will no doubt impress you. You’ll find a variety of historic churches, synagogues, temples, colonial buildings, and old mansions pulling off old-world charm unlike no other.
4. Cosmopolitan Flavor –
Kolkata has a large population of Armenian, Chinese, Jewish, and other immigrant communities. Each and every community contributes their part of social, political, historical, and architectural growth, putting on display a unique combo of cultures that will amuse visitors greatly.
5. Food –
When you’re in Kolkata, you’ll surely enjoy the unique culinary tradition of West Bengal. Among food delicacies, you’ll get to taste the delicious street food, mouth-watering Bengali sweets, desserts, etc. 
6. Football Fever –
Kolkata is a haven for football lovers in a country engulfed with cricket fans. In short and simple words, Kolkata is a fascinating place to explore for sports enthusiasts. Remember that, the Calcutta Football League – founded in 1898 is the oldest association football league in Asia and one of the oldest football competitions around the world. 
7. Trams –
Kolkata is the only city in India which has a fully-operated tram network. The tram system is the oldest in all of Asia and is a delightful, exceptional experience visitors are sure to enjoy.
Immersed in old-world charm and running along some of the historic regions of the city, the tram rides are every bit worth a visit to Kolkata this holiday season.
8. Former Capital –
As the former capital of British ruled India for more than a century, Kolkata enjoys rich historical significance. It was even the home to the headquarters of the British East India Company and the capital of British territories. The architecture and culture of the city are rich with traces from the British era.
Conclusion –
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